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Keebhut Tropical Waters

Keebhut Tropical Waters

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Where the sand meets the sea, Keebhut brings you the Aflion Tropical Waters. A deep sounding, smooth, and prelubed linear.

  • 1 pack = 10 switches
  • 60 (v2) / 68g (v1) springs
  • These are factory specifications, the switches actually weight around 5g heavier 
  • 20mm Spring
  • Long Pole
  • Nylon Bottom Housing
  • Polycarbonate Top Housing
  • POM stem
  • Factory Lubed
  • V2 Variant Only: Polished Stem
  • Manufacturer: Aflion

International Vendors:

  • US: Keebhut
  • UK: Serpent Keys
  • Asia: Shibay Mech
  • Europe: Candy Keys
  • OCE: AllCaps (v2 only)

V2 Improvements and Changes:

  • Polished stem with new molds for increased smoothness 
  • Custom “KEEBHUT” nameplate
  • Slight color variation to allow for easier differentiation
  • 60g instead of 68g Spring 


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