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Gateron Root Beer Float

Gateron Root Beer Float

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From Punkshoo, the switch designer behind the much-loved Gateron Cream Soda switches and the Aflion Melody and Runner Switches, comes his fourth release yet, the Gateron Root Beer Float. This are Punkshoo's second switch from Gateron, and its builds upon the success of the first, the Gateron Cream Soda. These switches feature the same housing material combination as the Cream Soda, with a Milky Top Housing and Ink Bottom Housing. Building upon that strong base, these switches feature a Ink Heavy Tactile stem and do not come pre-lubed so that each of us can tune the switch to our own personal preferences.

Pack of 10 Switches


  • Tactile
  • Milky Top Housing
  • Gateron Long Pole Ink Stem
  • Ink Bottom Housing
  • 58g Bottom Out
  • 62g Tactile Peak
  • 22mm Gold Plated Long Spring
  • 3.5mm Travel

"On a bright and sunny day in the 1960s, the playground is teeming with life as the air rings with the joyous laughter and playful screams of children. You spend your day basking in the thrills of swings that take you higher and higher, seesaws that bounce you up and down, and monkey bars that challenge your climbing skills. As you look around, you see some kids busy with hopscotch, jump rope, or tag, while others are having a blast on the merry-go-round. As the sun begins to set, you and your buddies head to the nearby soda shop for a refreshing treat. The classic root beer float is always your go-to drink, with its foamy root beer mixed with creamy vanilla ice cream making for a delightful, refreshing blend. You all sit outside on the patio, savoring the deliciousness, and reflecting on the great time you had on the playground, feeling happy and content with the perfect ending to a fun-filled day." - Punkshoo

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