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Gateron Cream Soda

Gateron Cream Soda

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A long pole linear, with an Ink Bottom housing, Milky Top housing, and a long pole Gateron stem. Designed by Punkshoo to bring you back to the time of the ‘50s and ‘60s, a simpler time.

“It’s a hot summer day in July of 1952, you just finished your weekend yard chores and Pops tossed you a couple quarters. It’s time to head on down to the soda fountain in town to meet up with some good friends, grab a bite, and an ice-cold treat. Nothing beats the summer blues like great times and good eats.” - Punkshoo 

Pack of 10 Switches


  • Linear
  • Milky Top
  • Long Pole Nylon Gateron Stem
  • Ink Bottom
  • 63g Spring
  • 18mm Spring
  • 3.8mm Travel
  • Factory Lubed
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