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Aflion x Punkshoo Melody

Aflion x Punkshoo Melody

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"It's Friday night and the mood is bright as we head into the weekend. You slap on your finest swag and make a beeline to the local hangout spot in town with a pocket full of milk money you saved this week for this very moment. What will it be? Do you hit the disco first? Maybe the arcade? Or perhaps you find yourself browsing the vinyls at the local record joint? Man, what a time to be alive!"


  • Linearn't
  • Polycarb Top
  • POM Long-pole Stem
  • Nylon Bottom
  • 60g Bottom Out
  • Dual Stage Spring
  • 3.5mm Travel
  • Factory Hand Lubed

This item is sold in a pack of 10.

1 pack = 10 switches

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